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New Solutions with Robotics

Double 3 is an intelligent cobot in the real estate industry

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22. März 2021

Cologne/Bonn, 13.03.2021
Arriving at our company last year, it immediately made headlines. Very few had expected it to have such a big impact. We are referring to the world’s first robot for virtual tours in the real estate industry, Cobot SAM, developed using software from Coding Mind AG in Zurich. Now, a new and refined digital “colleague” is being launched into the real estate team at KAMPMEYER.

A Look back: KAMPMEYER helped the virtual colleague to his German premiere introduction. By implementing Cobot SAM’s services in a show apartment of the VIERZIG549 project in Düsseldorf-Heerdt, the brokerage firm, with its 26 years’ experience, has once again proven itself to be a pioneer in the industry. Roland Kampmeyer, thinker and doer of the service provider established in the Rhineland metropolitan region, is convinced: “The development of telepresence robots is a great example of how new practice-oriented solutions help shape real estate brokerage and provide real customer benefits. Employing robots increases efficiency and contributes to greater customer satisfaction.” Thus, it’s no coincidence that with SAM, KAMPMEYER won the 2020 Real Estate Marketing Award and demonstrated the innovative power of cobot-supported industry solutions.

Today: The real estate broker is now using a new model with significantly improved hard- and software. By implementing its services in a show apartment in the new project „west.side one“ in Bonn, the new generation of robots, the Double 3 from Double Robotics, will be used for the first time in the real estate business in Germany at the end of March. Robin, as the team calls the new model, has several 3D sensors to safely navigate through the property even with inexperienced remote drivers in front of the screen. Two high-resolution, 13-megapixel cameras with pan-tilt10x focus, 6 microphones and an unbeatable height-adjustable angle of between 1.20 and 1.50 meters ensure a really unique live visit. Another highlight is the integrated click-to-drive function.Points, to which the cobot can drive safely with automatic obstacle detection, can be seen on the floor. Mixed reality is like augmented reality. Virtual 3D objects are added to the livestream and appear as if they were placed in the real world. They help to understand what the robot can see and mark the most important waypoints during an apartment visit.

The Software has also been developed, which according to Alex Tyropolis, founder of Coding Mind, is not the end of the story. In the field of artificial intelligence, there is still leeway, he said. “SAM and Robin won’t replace the real estate agent, but the cobot can assist him effectively.” The virtual tour with a cobot is a first step to take before the personal tour, so the interested parties can get a better impression of the offer and express their expectations regarding the conclusion of a purchase or rental contract.

Kampmeyer and Tyropolis recognize practical potential. The further development of industry-specific artificial intelligence, which goes beyond the specific appointment to visit the real estate, will open up many new opportunities to increase service and efficiency. Information provided by interested parties and transmitted by their behavior could be integrated into the marketing process. Questions that could not be conclusively answered immediately could be evaluated and dealt with in the following, well organized process steps. Financings and draft contracts could be transmitted online, and meetings could be arranged and held virtually, just like the appointments to visit the real estate. Both entrepreneurs agree: One of the most important, upcoming optimizations is the integration of downstream and final marketing processes. “We’re working on it!”

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